Free 30-year historical financial statements

Currently covering most North American companies, financial data updated weekly.

Upcoming feature(s)

  • ✅ Create your own custom metric
  • How to: Visit any company, then head to Financials > Custom Metrics > Edit Custom Metrics

  • ✅ Graph charts with metrics of different companies
  • How to: Visit any company and pick a metric to chart. Then, visit another company and pick another (or the same) metric to chart.

  • ✅ Toronto stock exchange symbols
  • How to: Simply search any companies listed on TSX.

  • (Coming soon) More detailed financials
  • How it will work: Currently we summarize financials due to technical limitations. As we expand coverage, we intend to add more visibility to show more detailed financial statement items.

  • (Coming soon) Logarithmic scale
  • How it will work: New option to plot with a logarithmic y-axis. Useful when visualizing large time scales.

  • (Coming soon) User accounts
  • How it will work: Create an account to save your custom metrics across devices. Free, of course.

  • (Coming soon) Discussion boards
  • How it will work: Signed in users can start discussions on any company's page as either a bull or a bear.

  • (Coming soon) Compounding leaderboards
  • How it will work: Signed in users can make virtual buy or sell calls. We keep score of users' track records over time to find the best investors.

  • (Coming soon) Europe and Asian markets
  • How it will work: Additional coverage of liquid Europe and Asian stocks. Illiquid stocks present unsurmountable technical challenges for now.